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Kismas Linear Lamp 01

Imagination is everything

Vintage Line

Vintage line’s d​immable table lamps are made using original glass blocks from the 1970s and 1980s, which were highly popular in the postmodernist architecture.

The iconic architectural element revived for a new life encodes the idea of sustainability, a sense of aesthetics and a historical context.

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Modern Line

Modern line’s dimmable table lamps are complete with new glass blocks inspired by modernist architecture.  They are characterised by their pure, clear glass, which makes them a perfect match for the coloured light filters supplied with the luminaire. 

The new glass block lamps echo streamline modern aesthetics, however, at the same time they remain relevant today. The regular and clear graphic pattern, along with their ideal scale, will never go out of style. It’s simply timeless.



The proportionate size of the luminaire, its shape, scale and graphic patterns all seem sculptural, that’s why the object acts as a perfect interior detail even when it’s turned off.

A LED module of extra quality is fixed into the luminaire lighting base to provide a warm light that highlights the graphic patterns of the glass block.

The light dimmer enables you to select the light intensity you prefer, allowing to change not only the lighting of the room but also the atmosphere created by the lamp.

One more attractive feature of the object is described below.


Doric Lamp 01 9.jpg

7 additional filters for colour effects in the set of the lamp

Carefully selected shades of the filters allow you to adapt the lamp to various situations. Easy to install, these filters add more warmth to the lighting, improving the atmosphere of a house party or enriching a private or public interior with an exceptional effect.

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