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‘Kismas’ is a Lithuanian word referring to the process of change – when an object or a phenomenon goes through a substantial modification, transition, or is acquiring completely new characteristics. This term could be an equivalent of the English ‘flux’, meaning ‘constant change’.

The first product of this brand – Lamp 01 – reflects this term and philosophy. The glass block, made during the Cold War in Eastern Europe, was a vastly popular element in postmodernist architecture. When the popularity died down, this element was almost forgotten for five decades, and the blocks were kept in warehouses as no-longer-needed, irrelevant objects until this resurrection brought out new and exciting traits in them.  


The new projects of Kismas will introduce themselves in time, with no rush. We will try to make them useful, balancing a bit more than just function and design. 


If you feel like this brand resonates with your ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact Kismas about any type of collaboration: 

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