Bigger Optical Lamp 01 / I'm Not Perfect

Bigger Optical Lamp 01 / I'm Not Perfect


The authentic glass blocks produced in the 1970s-80s reflect the era's aesthetic trends and peculiarities of production. Naturally, over 50 years, not all of these unique glass products have survived intact to this day. Some of them are slightly cracked, yet these marks in no way overshadow the charm of the original design.

We offer to buy lamps with a slight crack in the glass block for a lower price. Only the blocks with cracks that are not dominant are selected, so these marks do not spoil the overall aesthetics of the whole object. If you need to, you can always place the cracked spot facing the backside, making the mark invisible. We want to assure you that we select blocks with cracks that are not sharp and do not pose a risk of any injury. Also, we ensure that the base part will be completely new, without flaws, like all of our lighting fixtures.

By accepting some imperfections, we make our being easier, expand the boundaries of our aesthetics, and certainly enrich the design worldview.


Feel free to get acquainted with the traditional Japanese philosophy wabi-sabi, which recognises transience and embraces imperfection.


Lamp 01 has two parts – a steel lighting base and an original glass block from the 1970s-80s. 


The glass block’s pattern, scale, and colour all bring out the sculptural traits of the lamp, therefore this iconic object will enrich the interior whether it’s placed on a commode, table, bar, windowsill, night table or even the floor. 


The dimmer enables you to choose the intensity – the lamp can illuminate the area very subtly, it can be pleasantly dimmed or emit a strong, bright light.


The module is of high quality, made with a 650lm LED, resulting in a smooth, warm light of 3000K.

  • Technical details

    Every component of the lamp – except for the glass block – is made exclusively in the EU, and meets the highest quality requirements.


    Glass, powder coated steel, plastic diffuser


    Lighting base colours
    Graphite black


    Width 24 cm / Height 28 cm / Depth 9,5 cm 




    Plug (optional)
    EU, US, UK


    5 kg


    Cable length
    250 cm


    Light source
    LED module, 650lm, 3000KTridonic LLE LED, 650lm, 3000K


    Rated input voltage (±10%)
    100-240 Vac


  • Good to know

    Worldwide door-to-door delivery. Within Europe, the lamp will get to you in 2-7 business days, and the delivery time for the rest of the world is from 4 to 9 business days. 


    During the summer time, we ship orders once a week, usually on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.


    An original glass block from the 1970s-80s is used for the lamp, that’s why there can be a few production scratches and minor colour issues – it’s not a defect of our production line, rather peculiarity of that era. The original scratches make your lamp unique.

  • Colour effect lighting filters

    The lamp will be delivered with 7 additional colour effect lighting filters, which allows you to adapt the object to various situations.


    Dark pink - during the day, this filter illuminates the glass base in pink and adds attractiveness to the lamp. In the evening, it has a shade of neon to it, creating a fairly intimate mood.


    Neon green - If you've ever been to Southeast Asian megacities like Hong Kong, you've probably experienced the magical atmosphere created by neon signs. Neon Green is inseparable from the bustling, vibrant, scent-filled streets of Southeast Asia's urban heavens.


    Pale rose - it’s a more neutral filter that provides extra warmth and makes the space cosier. We especially recommend it to be used in the bedroom. 


    Dirty yellow - even warmer than the Pale Rose lighting filter, it adds a lot more softness to its surroundings. Very cinematic hue. Admirers of Wong Kar Wai’s directing will certainly recognise the style.


    Aprico - yellow-orange filter gives a cosy colour.


    Primary red - this filter will fit those who want to make their typical lighting stand out by adding some spice to it. Bright red is also great for parties and cocktail bars.


    Tokyo blue – for those who enjoy cold shades as well. This will have your space looking like a scene from ‘Blade Runner’.


    To extract new shades, place the two desired filters in the diffuser.